Indoor Soccer Shooting For Youth Players In Soccer

shooting the ball during indoor soccer practice







Practice shooting the ball in the indoor soccer environment is not much

different than outdoor soccer. The turf in the indoor game can be easier

to get good footing while you shoot the soccer ball. The biggest rule most

coaches preach is “Keep The Shot On Goal”. The ball has no chance to score,

if you do not at least keep the ball on goal or “on the frame”. As you practice,

the strength of the shot will get stronger and stronger each time. It’s the practice

of accuracy that needs to be worked on, strength and speed will come later.

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  1. Players should practice (and hopefully master) shooting instep and also front foot. Shooting with the instep is better for accuracy, but it lacks the same power that shooting front foot will provide. Front foot shooting, while powerful, is less accurate. Game situations will sometimes require a more powerful shot and at other times accuracy is more important to the success of the shot so being skilled in both can influence your shooting success. I couldn’t watch the videos you posted today (at work), but just wanted to leave this tip.

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