Fun Soccer Drills For Beginning Youth Ages U8 to U14







Fun soccer drills for beginning youth ages U8 to U14, and simple ways to get started.

Try playing fun games to get warmed up or break up too much of pressing type drills.

Do games like follow the leader, just have a coach or better skilled player dribble all over the

soccer field, the others follow for 3 to 5 minutes. Another is “hit the coach”, have the players try

to dribble and kick the ball at a moving target that is running away from them or parallel with them.

Teach dribbling drills with fun words, like the song in the video below called double, double,

this, that! Games and songs modified to make a point and keep learning simple drills fun. [Read more…]

Brine And Diadora Soccer Balls For Soccer Practice

soccer ball brine












Brine Evolution Soccer Ball – model SBEVO95

Two very good soccer balls under $20 and comes in size 5 and size 3 for kids.

Good practice balls for the younger kids and nice ball to kick around as high school ages.

Buy at Soccer Garage link below or click here for our Soccer Shop.

Diadora Stadio R Soccer Ball – model 851103

diadora soccer ball

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