Volunteer Soccer Coaching For Ages 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Year Olds







Volunteering to coach young kids in soccer is so rewarding. They just need a little guidance, and their

energy does the rest. No need to over coach them and think you need all kinds of fancy drills, just get

them playing and talking to one another, that’s the big thing for this age of player. Look through the

search engine at the top right corner of this page, and put in any word, i.e. passing, dribbling, shooting.

This site has over 60 drill ideas for youth to college soccer practices. Get them out there and Have FUN. [Read more…]

Dribbling And Passing U10, U12, U14, U16 Soccer Drills







Soccer drills for dribbling and passing for U10 to U16 players using 3 person rotation.

Using ball feints and moves to get around cones really help young players get the touch of the ball.

Also working on both feet and the inside/outside part of the foot. More touches, better dribbling.

Keep them moving, 3 person drills can push the touches and movement on one touch soccer. [Read more…]

Soccer Equipment SoccerWave And Crazy Catch Systems

SoccerWave System








SoccerWave system is great way to practice passing into a small space and then receiving

a return pass that you have to bring under control. A nice way to work with one, two or three

players and rotate quickly. The ball returns in the air giving the player time to judge how to

bring the ball into control during trapping and shooting. The Crazy Catch System is another

great way to work on trapping and receiving high balls to control. Football / Soccer Skills. [Read more…]

How To Throw In A Soccer Ball Flip Style

throw in flip in soccer game









The throw in on a soccer game is important to work on every other day. The advantage you

can get by having an attacking style of throw in set plays can really help scoring in the offense.

Remember, get the ball in quickly to keep from defenders getting set up. Also head ball flicks are

scoring opportunities in front of the goal mouth. The flip throw in can be a deadly scoring machine.

It’s like having a corner kick on every throw in. [Read more…]

US Youth Soccer And The Youth Soccer Association

us youth soccer







Watch the video on US Youth Soccer top 10 soccer goals for 2011 Boys and Girls Soccer.
Also check out the top 10 goalie saves of the year in youth soccer, video is down below.
U10,U12,U14,U16, and U18 leagues are all represented here in the goals and saves categories.
Look at the glory in these kids faces scoring a goal and you’ll always remember why we play the game.
Some Free Books On Soccer, Some From $9 to $47, Great Choices. [Read more…]

Marquette University High School Boys Soccer Team In Milwaukee, WI Are The 2011 State Champions

State champions in WI 2011









Marquette University H.S. wins the Wisconsin Division 1 state championship.

Patrick Hodan scored three goals in the MUHS 6 to zip state final victory.

Hodan finished the season with 45 goals and looking at playing for Norte Dame next season.

The Hilltoppers played some of the nation’s best teams this season, recording a 24-0-1 in 2011.

MUHS has wins over Rockhurst ( KC, Mo.), Gonzaga (D.C.), Lyons (LaGrange, Ill.)

and Granite Bay (Granite Bay, Calif.). TheĀ  3-3 draw with Jesuit (Carmichael, Calif.)was the only tie.

Next year looks great with six starters projected to return in 2012, and a chance to repeat.
Some Free Books On Soccer, And Some From $9 to $47, Great Choices.
[Read more…]

Free Soccer Drills For Kids

kids soccer drills for free







Soccer drills for kids should be fun and quick to learn. Simple is best.

Avoid long lines, keep the kids moving, as much touching of the ball as possible.

Watch your grouping with weaker skilled players with stronger players, move them

around to challenge them all. Work on technique and then reputation.

See tag keywords below for other videos on this site. Video below has passing and shooting. [Read more…]

The Soccer Info Talks About Nike Soccer Ball T90 Catalyst Review

Nike T90 Catalyst review








The Nike T90 Catalyst reviewed is a wonderful soccer ball for a good price around $50 to $60 per ball.

Handles very well, easy to strike and reacts well to all weather conditions.

Get them for game balls or just practice with good solid ball. Two thumbs up.

Get Nike balls here Soccer Deals or our Soccer Shop.
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Kids Learning Soccer Dribbling And Pugg Flexible Soccer Goals


One of the best things about teaching kids how to play soccer is making the ball and goals small

enough so you can play 4 v 4 or 5 v 5 games. This gives everyone more time touching of the ball.

Small soccer balls like size 3 and size 4 are perfect for kids 5 yr old to 9 yr old to play with.
This gives them a better feel of the ball during a game.

Pugg soccer goals are nice and light weight to set up for a practice or even a game.

Easy to move around and easy to set up, Pugg soccer goals are a must for any program.

Click here Soccer Deals, to get Pugg goals and all other equipment needs.

soccer goals easy to set up


[Read more…]

US Men’s National Soccer Team Conditioning Drill

soccer us mens teamus soccer team
Awesome soccer match Oct. 8th with a nice warm friendly game
with Honduras, USA 1 to nothing winners.
Oct. 11th the USA Mens team losses to Ecuador by a 1 to nothing score also.
Great soccer running drill from our Mens USA Soccer Team.
I think the criss-cross effect was neat for team and player awareness during a soccer running drill.

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