Soccer Drills For Kids And Warm Up Ideas






Soccer drills and coaching ideas for many youth coaches at all levels. Start with small ball touch

drilling to get warmed up. Use all different parts of the foot and working with left/right. Using

better players to push and encourage the others to increase their skills as the season moves on.

Great site with many pdf’s to download with coaching drill ideas, and try the Bobby Charlton pdf.

Also learn to use speed exercises to build up the strength of the player, simple drill videos below.
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Real Soccer Drills For Kids / Players Any Ages







Soccer drills working on first touch to control to the second touch is very important in youth

soccer practices. The controlling touch should always be close enough to keep possession and

move the ball to a team mate. The team with the possession of the ball the longest usually wins

the match. Here are some simple drills for real kids learning to control the ball, day by day.

Passing drills and trapping drills should be a part of every youth practice. The basics, win the match. [Read more…]

Indoor Soccer U7,U8,U9,U10 Drills On Passing

indoor soccer u10 drills passing









Teaching different passing techniques are easier indoors than in the outdoor game.

There are so many little touch techniques you can show the kids to give them any

way to move the ball indoors to their team mate. Using all parts for the foot, the sooner

younger soccer players get the hang of just moving the ball from one spot to

another, it won’t matter how it got there if it ends in a goal, huh ?

See this video for a bottom of the foot technique that is great for u10 indoor soccer.

Some Free Books On Soccer, And Some From $9 to $47, Great Choices.

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The Soccer Info Reviews Indoor Soccer Shoes For Kids

kids indoor soccer shoes





Indoor soccer shoes for kids come in many different styles and colors.

Remember they will go out of them soon, so if they don’t like the shoe, give it

a year and they’ll be in another size and style the next year. Here is a shoe under

$20 at The Soccer Garage site that is really good for the price.

Vizari Verona Indoor Junior Soccer Shoe – model 93248,  click link below soccer garage to order

vizari indoor soccer shoe for kids

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U7, U8, U9 Soccer Drills And How To Defend In Soccer Better

u7 u8 u9 soccer drills in defending soccer practice







Defending in soccer is so important to work on in every practice.

Knowing what angles to take on an attack and slow it up, and give team mates

a chance to help out, is a great skill to teach during this age group.

Knowing how to contain an attacker and force them into a non threatening position,

is job number one for any defender. Here are some video’s talking about this topic,

U7 to U9 Soccer Drills And How To Defend In Soccer Better. Video below. [Read more…]

Help Me Learn Soccer Better With Simple Soccer Drills









Helping young players to have fun with soccer is rule number one.

Have some simple soccer drills for the kids to play and practice at the same time.

One game we would play is Stop Light. Just have the kids dribble around in a 20 yard x 20 yard box.

Say green light and the kids would go as fast as they could inside the boxed area, then yell yellow light

and the kids would slow down to half speed. When you say red light, they’d stop the ball from rolling.

We would take half the group of kids standing with their legs apart and the other half of kids would

dribble around kicking the ball through the others legs. We called this London Bridges. One more

game/ soccer drill we would play is dribbling around that 20 x 20 grid and stopping the ball with

different body parts every 10 seconds. The coaches would yell out, knee, left foot, head,

back, right foot or just get as creative as you want. Mixing regular kid games into

soccer drills makes it fun, and do them 3 to 4 sessions in a row. You will see improvement

because the kids remember the game better each time. Look for the tags below for other videos. [Read more…]