The Soccer Info hopes to encourage others to have fun learning this great game of soccer or as most the world calls it football. This site will touch on so many aspects of soccer from youth to pro’s. Whether you play the game in AYSO or any other youth programs, hopefully you’ll get some great knowledge about soccer / football through this site. High School and College programs please write a story about your success. Many video’s and set play models will be on this site for your enjoyment and research about this game of soccer / football. The more we add to it the better. Add a story about you as a player or your team’s success from this last year.

To use the site more efficiently, please use the search bar in the upper right hand of each page to find video’s on each topic.

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Please make any suggestions and soon we will have many stories to share with others. The Champions page will be one of the greatest pages to see grow. So tell us what you know about soccer / football, and we’ll share it with others across the world.

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