4A Girls State Champs Hough High School In Cornelius North Carolina






North Carolina has a new powerhouse in Girls High School Soccer, Hough Huskies !

In just 2 years of playing, this team has won 41 or it’s last 42 matches in NC state.

Allison Stearns, Brandi Arey, Hannah Robinson, Morgan Byrne, Courtney Carroll and

goal keeper Marnie Merritt are just some of the names to watch in the future of soccer.

Out scoring their opponents to a tune of 114 to 12 goals allowed, shows how dominating they are.

Ranked Number One in the country with a 26-0-1 record in 2012, watch out for 2013 next spring.

No Video For This Team, But Article Links Attached.   Congrads Hough Huskies

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Naperville North Wins Girls 3A IHSA Soccer Championship









Naperville North Girls bring home the 3A IL. State Championship and completes a 24-1-2 season.

Coach Steve Goletz should be very proud of this solid team, a huge shut out for the state title.

Big defensive battle between St. Charles North and The Huskies of Naperville North. The last

42 seconds of over 120 minutes of action is when Hunter Drendel set up Christa Szalach for the

game winner. Watch the highlights from the game before and then 2 hours / 28 minute mark, Winner! [Read more…]

Set Plays In Soccer For Youth, High School Or College Level Teams







Set Plays in soccer can make or break a teams winning momentum. Many coaches draw

up plays, can call them fancy names like Liverpool Red. Many coaches have told The Soccer

Info about their set plays for direct, indirect, corner kicks, throw ins, kick offs, drop ball,

and even goalie clears. If you have a drawn up play or video of a set play that worked for your team,

then email or hit our contact page. We would like to post it and give others a chance to run it.

Hope to see more goals from misdirection plays that keep the defense guessing where it going. GOAL [Read more…]

Girls High School Soccer is Hot In Naperville And Wilmette Illinois





Girls High School Soccer is Hot In Naperville And Wilmette Illinois.

Three of the top 7 teams in high school soccer are in the Chicago, Illinois area.

Loyola Academy is undefeated so far in 2012 with Tori Iatarola leading her team

with over 20 assists this season. Naperville Central, is not far from Loyola with only one

lost in the year so far, Naperville North is also ranking high in Illinois and across the nation.

New Trier High School in Wilmette and Plainfield North also made the top 30 in the country. [Read more…]

How To Throw In A Soccer Ball Flip Style

throw in flip in soccer game









The throw in on a soccer game is important to work on every other day. The advantage you

can get by having an attacking style of throw in set plays can really help scoring in the offense.

Remember, get the ball in quickly to keep from defenders getting set up. Also head ball flicks are

scoring opportunities in front of the goal mouth. The flip throw in can be a deadly scoring machine.

It’s like having a corner kick on every throw in. [Read more…]

Green Hope Soccer Team Wins North Carolina State Championship

4A State Soccer Champ in NC







The 4A state champion in North Carolina are the Falcons of Green Hope. R Ortiz scored a huge goal
for the Falcons, and retiring Coach Andrew Chadwick in 2011. With that overtime goal,
lifting the Falcons to a 2-1 score, beating Myers Park in the final game and state title. The Falcons
had many come from behind victories through out the year, but this was the biggest. Coach Chadwick,
had announced his retirement from coaching before the season started.
After 10 years of coaching the Falcons, this was his send off. He finishes with
185 wins to only 44 loses. Ending up with a North Carolina State Championship on his
last game. What a way to go Coach Chadwick. High School Soccer Is A Blast. [Read more…]

Conestoga PA Soccer Champ 2011 Undefeated Season

conestoga state  soccer champ in PA







Undefeated 2011 season and a Pennsylvania Class AAA state champion, Conestoga had a great year.
T Donnie’s goal in the second half, which was orchestrated by A. Connors and N. Laganelli, was all
Conestoga needed to defeat Upper St. Clair 1-0 and secure the state title, putting the icing on an
undefeated season. The last time a class AAA school went undefeated in PA, was Upper St. Clair.
Conestoga had huge wins over Central Dauphin, Lower Merion, Strath Haven and Council Rock North.
Congrad’s Conestoga, many ranked you in the top 7 in the country. Good Luck 2012. [Read more…]

DeMatha Soccer Champs in Maryland Second Undefeated Season

MD soccer champ dematha hs







DeMatha HS Varsity Soccer Team finished their second consecutive perfect
season by beating Gonzaga. WCAC Champion, DeMatha got two
quick goals and beat Gonzaga (Washington, D.C.) in the second half
for a 2-1 win in the final to insure a perfect season. The Stags have won 44 consecutive
games. The underclassmen S Cowdrey, C Odoi Atsem, D Brandt, and senior defender M Parker
anchored a defense that only gave up eight goals this 2011 season.
DeMatha’s biggest victory was a shootout win against Jesuit (Carmichael, Calif.)
after a tight game ending in a 1-1 draw. PK’s won it for DeMatha and at the end of
the year they held the MD Championship and State Title. [Read more…]

The Soccer Info Reviews Growing Girls Soccer Programs

soccer programs for girls







Girls soccer becoming more popular across the country every year.

Here are the top 50 High School Girls Teams according to ESPN in 2012.

Many great girls soccer programs are up and coming, here is one of them.

U10 to U15 programs for girls soccer are becoming easier to find in every state.

Here is a nice video about the national girls youth soccer tournament in July 2011.
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[Read more…]

Martin Luther King HS Soccer Team 19-0 Record 2011 Season Manhattan, NY

MLK in NY 19-0 season in 2011







Great 2011 season for MLK High School Soccer Team with a 19-0 record and NY state title.

Ibrahim Diaby scored the game winner to lift Martin Luther King to a 3-2 victory over Francis Lewis

in the finals of NY state tournament. The win marked MLK’s 13th PSAL title in the past 16 seasons.

Tarek Beckles scored giving MLK a 1-0 lead and then Kerfala Sylla scored for a 2-0 lead.

MLK is one of the top 6 teams in the whole nation. Congrads MLK in NY.

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[Read more…]