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7 Steps in How to be a Coach in Soccer, for both indoor or outdoor soccer teams.

Step 1, Be Disciplined, get there early for practice so your players see your dedication.

Step 2, Help the players understand it takes ALL of the players focus to succeed.

Step 3, Help develop their potential, and increase from start of the season to the end.
Simple drills go a long way in development.

Step 4, Have good communication and listen to the players. Have open dialog.
Teach togetherness.

Step 5, Guide players with good soccer examples. Ask an older player to come in and show
the younger players how to master certain skills. Use High School players to help your practice.

Step 6, Motivate and inspire players by having small awards and certificates on many levels.

Step 7, Be a good example in fair play, and always congratulate your opponent. Be a good sport!

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