Now with only four games left for the winning title of the EPL, Liverpool and Manchester City is racing towards victory. The most common question that people are speculating about is who will emerge as the ultimate victor. Now let’s analyze the prospects of the teams closely so that we can weigh their strengths and weaknesses for the upcoming challenge.


Talking about Liverpool, they have had the best season during their 2017-18 games and have held their esteem position since the tournament held in 2013-14. Although they have not been able to finish on the top in the last few seasons, their efforts and display of skill and perseverance should have earned them a better position. Liverpool has not been too successful in the domestic cup tournaments for some time now, but that doesn’t stop them from performing and proving their mettle in the EPL. Coming to their greatest strength, it is their attack! With Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane alongside Nabi Keita, the team will continue to dominate their opponent and never miss an opportunity to score a goal against them. The back line is Liverpool’s drawback. Even though they have made some improvements in this area since January with Virgil van Dijik, their defense does not look too good. All eyes are now set on Trent Alexander and Andrew Robertson as they will be needed to display the best of their abilities in the back position to improve upon their weak points. The latest addition to the team has been the PFA and FWA award winner Salah who holds a record for scoring the highest number of goals in a Premier League season. Now, although Liverpool will have a star player in their team, they must remember not to rely on him completely for scoring goals; this will not only increase the pressure on the player, but also relax his teammates who will then possibly not take the game so seriously.

With such additions and strengths there is no need to think of Liverpool any less than Manchester City as a team and has fair chances of winning the tournament if they work on their drawbacks and divide the responsibilities of the game equally among themselves.

Manchester City:  

Now coming to the fans’ favorites, that is, Manchester City, they have an unmatched record at winning games and the fact that stands mention worthy here is there outstanding performance at the Emirates last season. In the last season of this league, the team faced only two league defeats that were to Liverpool and Manchester United. Manchester City has added the feather of winger Riyad Mahrez to their cap and is under the intention to draw Jorghino on their side. The team is adorned with unending strengths; they nail both their defense and attack on the field and with Raheem Sterling, Sergio Aguero and Gabriel Jesus, they would become difficult for any team facing them to defend the attack. With David Silva and Kevin de Bruyne, their mid-field creativity will continue to shine on and prove problematic for the opponent. The only part where Manchester City lacks is their back line. If this is improved and coupled with their defense, there is nothing that will keep them away from victory. The Champions from last year have alot to do to keep Liverpool from taking the cup.

There are equal chances of Manchester City winning and losing the EPL title this season as their defense is in dire need of improvement and might prove costly in their path towards winning. Many are picking a RED victory, Are you???