During Premier League 2018-2019, Manchester City proved its edge by beating Brighton 4-1 and got the 3 points needed to seal the title in a record-breaking manner. Liverpool on the other side qualified for second in the EPL by defeating Wolverhampton by 2-0 but lost to City on points by one, 97. The reds will remember this for years to come.

After one of the most challenging and thrilling title races in the entire history, Manchester city finally defended the title and registered the sixth win in the league titles. But after this tough battle, we cannot even miss praising the hard efforts of Liverpool that gained 97 points, one of the highest scores in the history of the Premier League. Note that, Guardiola’s men broke the record by staying behind the 100-point mark of their previous year wins. Although Liverpool was having the advantage of 7-points over City, it is important to mention that Guardiola’s side has never lost any match since the beginning of the new year.
So many amazing things happened during this ground battles; the players created many historical records during this Champions League. Here are a few interesting facts about this remarkable season:
Biggest margin for winning the title:
You might be aware of the fact that Sir Alex Ferguson’s side won the battle against Arsenal by 18 points during 1999-2000 season. But during this 2018-2019 premier league, City finished against their rivals by 19 points to set up a clear history in the battleground.
Earliest success for winning the title:
During 2000-2001 league, United team set up a record of winning the title when five games were remaining. And this time City met the same target by setting a new record.
Most Points:
Thanks to the ultimate player, Gabriel Jesus who set up a new record for City to be called as the first team in the English top-flight history to achieve 100 points on the last day of the season. Last time, Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea created a record of 95 points during the 2004-2005 premier league.
Highest number of goals:
During this memorable premier league season, City finished at 106 while scoring at a rate higher than 2.8 per match. The previous record for most goals was set by Chelsea during 2009-2010 when Carlo Ancelotti was heading the Stamford Bridge.
Maximum number of wins:
Antonio Conte’s Chelsea set a record last time by ensuring 30 wins but that recorded lasted only for one season as in 2018-19 City proved its edge by marking 32 wins in the series at Southampton.
The most amazing thing to notice in this historical Premier league series was that for the first time in past 100 years, both teams, City and Liverpool scored 97 points or even more in 38 matches.
The world has witnessed so many records in one season, and it was truly awesome to see the mind-blowing win of Manchester city yesterday. While creating a remarkable history, they set up many new records and challenges for the upcoming seasons.
So who will win 2020 EPL, Red or Blue?