The history of Mexican football dates back to the early 1900s and is rife with dramatic wins, heartbreaking losses, and record-breaking firsts.

Fans of hometeam TriColor, more affectionately known as El Tri, are all too familiar with the highs and lows of Mexico's Team Futbol.

Believe it or not, Mexico holds one of the most extensive presences at the World Cup games, following only Brazil and Argentina. The team and the country takes the sport seriously on all levels.

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Amidst this long and magnificent history with the World Cup, picking El Tri's greatest moments of all time is no easy task. We've narrowed down our top choices to bring you to the absolute edge of your seat TriColor moments in history. But first, let’s talk about their history.

Mexico first competed in the World Cup in 1930, scoring the World Cup's first goal. Although it would be 32 years before Mexico would achieve World Cup victory, El Tri started their long history with the World Cup off with a bang.

Read on to discover 14 Greatest Moments of All Time for Mexico's Soccer Team!

Mexico Wins First Point in a World Cup

Coming in first in the ranking of the 13 greatest moments of all time for Mexico's soccer team is their first point scored in a World Cup game.

Tri-Color scored its first point in a World Cup game after already appearing in the World Cup appearing in The World Cup three times prior, during the 1930 match hosted by Sweden hosted The World cup.

Facing certain defeat, El Tri was losing 1-0 to Wales after 88 minutes of game time. Not to be defeated, Jaime Belmonte scored. Belmonte would score in the 89th minute of the game, tying the match and giving Mexico its first ever point in a World Cup game.

From that moment forward, Belmonte was known affectionately as Heroe de Solna, since the match had taken place at, you guessed it, the Solna Municipality.

El Tri's First World Cup Victory

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El Tri won their first victory in the World Cup after defeating Paraguay at a playoff game. Mexico was back at it in the World Cup held in Chile in 1962.

Thirty-two years after Mexico first debuted in the World Cup, victory was obtained at a competition hosted in Chile. Finally, loyal fans rejoiced as El Tri gave fans their first taste of triumph in the World Cup.

First Time World Cup Host

Mexico Soccer Team

Shortly following hosting the 1969 Olympic Games, Mexico hosted its first World Cup game.

Among several firsts, Mexico's World Cup game broke milestones by being the first World Cup game held outside of Europe or South America, the first World Cup broadcast on color television and the unique distinction of first World Cup host to the very first World Cup to see a team eliminated: Sweden. Wow!

The first the country's first World Cup boosted Mexico's passion for football especially in Mexico City, Estadio Azteca, and the country's many universities.

Mexico Versus El Salvador: 1970

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El Tri, this time hosting El Salvador's first World Cup, delighted fans by defeating El Salvador 4-0 after tying with the USSR in the inaugural fixture.

Before ultimately being defeated by Italy in the quarterfinals, team Mexico defeated the Belgian soccer team 2-0.

Mexico vs. Bulgaria: 1986

World Cup Mexico 1986

The year 1986 saw Mexico at the World Cup once again, this time defeating Bulgaria at Estadio Azteca. After qualifying for the quarter-finals, Manuel Negrete's surprising goal earned him the title of the Best World Cup goal in history.

Mexico vs. South Korea: 1998

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Once again, El Tri leads Mexico to a World Cup victory facing South Korea at the 1998 World Cup held in France. After securing their place in the first fixture, Ricardo Perez, and Louise Hernandez propelled team Mexico to Victory.

Mexico Versus France: 2010

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Amidst the tensions of an especially tricky match, El Tri yet again achieves a shocking victory–this time against Les Blues during the South African World Cup match.

This match is remembered as one of Mexico's most significant victories in the 2010 World Cup, although TriColor was ultimately defeated by Uruguay. Mexico qualified for the highly deserving second place.

Mexico Versus Croatia at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil

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Mexico faced Cameroon, Brazil, and Croatia at the 2014 World Cup. Beating out Cameroon 1-0, Mexico tied with Brazil during the second round. Miguel Herrera, Rafa Marquez, and Guardado Hernandez would score–securing second place for El Tri.

The 1994 US Games

Mexico Team 1965

The team showed its stuff t the 1994 US games after missing The 1990 World Cup. El Tri, not feeling defeated, was ready to train a new generation of footballers and take the home the gold.

El Tri started strong, defeating Norway, then beating the Republic of Ireland after Luis Garcia defeating the Republic of Ireland to the one after a few goals scored by Luis Garcia.

Savoring the sweet taste of victory, Los Verdes took on Italy next, tying with the Italian players and guaranteed a match at the round of 16. In the end, El Tri lost to Bulgaria after an adrenaline-packed match, losing in a penalty shootout 3 2 1

1998 World Cup: Matador's Clincher

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During the 1998 World Cup in which Mexico defeated South Korea 3-1. To win, El Tri would need to take on Holland, a consensus favorite.

Unphased, the Dutch team displayed the flawless skills that had earned them the distinction of consensus favorite.

Just when it appeared that all hope of victory was lost among the crowd, at the 94th minute of game time Luis Hernandez "El Matador" took his place among Mexico's World Cup fame after scoring a goal for Mexico in round 16.

Mexico's First Quarterfinals Match

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The year 1970 would mark a new era in history for El Tri: Mexico's first quarterfinals match. Despite Mexico's long history with the World Cup, Mexico had not qualified for a quarterfinals match until now.

Tied with the Soviet Union during the first match, it would be seven days until Los Verdes defeated El Salvador. Now, Mexico had to win this critical match to advance to the quarterfinals.

Mexico needed a penalty kick that would send them into the quarter-final match. Fans gathered, offering encouragement by the thousands around the angel of Independence.

Mexico's Second Time Hosting The World Cup Game

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After Columbia declined to host the World Cup in 1986 Mexico became the first country to hold the World Cup twice. It was during this event that the ever-popular "wave" introduced, known by fans in Mexico as La Ola.

Fans cheered as El Tri advanced to the quarterfinals, making it the second time for tricolor to do so in history. El Tri defeated Bulgaria in the round of 16 but ultimately lost out to West Germany in the quarterfinals match.

The 2005 Confederations Cup

Soccer Players

The 2005 confederations cup is often considered one of El Tri’s best performances in history.

Mexico faced some of the greatest teams in the world, demonstrating unparalleled discipline and skill. Among the key players were team members of El tri said to be some of the greatest footballers of all time.

Francisco Kikín Fonseca, Jared Borgetti, Antonio Naelson Sinha, Carlos Salcido, Ricardo Osorio, Pável Pardo, and Luis Pérez participated in the 2005 confederations cup. Manager Ricardo Lavulpte oversaw the team.

During the group stage, fans cheered on as El Tri defeated Japan and Brazil, then tied with Greece. Ultimately, El Tri was defeated by Argentina during a penalty shootout in the semifinals. In spite of this loss to Argentina, El Tri moved into third place in the match.

In one of the most exciting tournament matches of all time, Michael Ballack overtime and left Mexico and 4th Place.

Team TriColor

Team Tri Color

Team TriColor's nowhere near finished. As World Cup regulars, Tricolor has one of the highest rates of attendance in the World Cup of any team spanning the globe.

Catch up on these fun facts about Mexico's fan-favorite football team.

  • El Tri has the distinction of scoring the first-ever goal in their net, by Lucien Laurant during the first World Cup game held in 1930 in Uruguay.
  • Mexico participated in 4 World Cups before its first World Cup victory, after defeating Czechoslovakia 3-1 in Chile in 1962.
  • Tricolor player Juan Ignacio best Doran holds the distinction of making the first substitute goal during the 1970 World Cup game against El Salvador held at Estadio Azteca.
  • Mexico City has hosted more World Cup games than any other city in the world, hosting a record-breaking total of 23 World Cup games. of these, 19 games were held at Estadio Azteca.
  • Manuel and Felipe Rosas were the first register Brothers to play together at the 1930 Uruguay World Cup game.
  • El Tri holds the record title as both highest attendance at the World Cup games and most losses, with 24 recorded losses.