Meta: The Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2 soccer cleat is an advanced shoe that delivers enhanced touch, comfort, stability, and traction with seamless construction.

The Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2 soccer cleats offer the latest designs, performance, and design so that you get a cleat that molds to your foot for advanced levels of gameplay. This shoe may be available second hand, which can make it more accessible given the price tag for a new pair.

What is the Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2?

The Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2 is an exceptional soccer cleat that features a combination of leather and synthetic materials to provide the best in performance. This shoe features a design with several custom materials created by Nike to ensure the best possible fit in a variety of conditions and playing styles.


This design goes up and over the ankle and features asymmetrical lacing so that your foot and the shoes stay perfectly in sync as you move around the field. Soccer cleats need to work equally well whether the ground is wet, dry, or softened, and they should also be comfortable to wear.


Soccer cleats are essential for providing traction, touch feedback when handling the ball, and cushion for the foot. The Phantom represents how these criteria are satisfied in some of the most advanced ways, and it has a price tag that reflects that accomplishment.

Product Specifications

The Phantom 2 comes with some unique and useful features that you may find luxurious if you are upgrading from more straightforward shoes. Here is a list of valuable specifications that help make this shoe exceptional.

  • Best for use on firm ground but can work well in wet or dry conditions
  • Hexagon shaped studs for the best traction
  • The base splits at the toe for better flex and stability in the right places
  • Laces up asymmetrically so as not to interfere with ball handling
  • Leather upper and a synthetic sole for the best possible durability
  • Molded foot base for an excellent fit
  • Uses Flywire cables and a Dynamic Fit collar for superior support
  • Outside of shoe has the Nikeskin texture to improve touch feedback
  • Extra cushioning in the right places to absorb impact and reduce pressure caused by the studs


Soccer cleats can be very expensive if you opt for professional-level shoes designed for more advanced levels of gameplay. There are always cheaper options, but the trick is finding the best shoe that fits your foot. Shoes can range widely from $50 to $300, but there is always a budget-friendly option that should provide adequate protection and performance.


To find the best shoe for you, you’ll want to try on a variety of shoes. Once you find a few designs that fit your feet well you can go to websites such as Amazon, eBay, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and manufacturer sites to find specific shoes.


These sites may frequently have sales or offer past season shoes at a discounted price. eBay, in particular, is well-known for having a wide variety of expensive shoes at a deeply discounted prices and these shoes are often only lightly used if they’ve been worn at all.

How It Compares

Several brands sell superior level soccer cleats, and Nike has several in their lineup that closely matches the Hypervenom Phantom 2. The shoes on our list below are close to the Hypervenom Phantom 2, but they have a few key differences that might make them appealing to specific buyers.

NIKE Men's Hypervenom Phantom III

NIKE Hypervenom Phantom 3 Elite Dynamic FIT FG
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The Nike Hypervenom Phantom III shoes are similar to the Phantom 2 but come in different colors and have a slightly different design. This shoe has a completely synthetic upper, which isn’t a bad trait as it offers ample texture to make ball handling seamless.


This shoe, like the others on our list, has an upper that covers the ankle with a soft synthetic fabric material that is highly breathable. There are at least five different colors available, but colors can vary based on the production year of the shoe. You can find this shoe in US sizes, and the interior has foam pads that absorb impact and return energy.


This shoe is also unique because it uses the Flyknit material and Flywire cables that Nike is known for creating. This material allows the user to move suddenly without their shoe sliding around on their foot, and the hexagon-shaped studs provide more excellent traction than they would if they were round.


This shoe has a one-piece design which prevents any seams that might chafe different parts of your feet, and the lack of tongue means that fabric won’t bunch up as you play. The hybrid plate on this shoe is flexible in the area around the forefoot, which provides a more excellent feeling of responsiveness in the shoe and more stability in the midfoot region.

NIKE Hypervenom Phinish

NIKE Hypervenom Phinish Men's Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat
  • OUTSOLE: Synthetic base with conical studs.
  • MIDSOLE: Anatomical sockliner.
  • UPPER: Textured, leather-like synthetic.
  • Synthetic sole
  • Synthetic

The Nike Hypervenom Phinish is a differently shaped soccer cleat that has a traditional upper that doesn’t cover the ankle. This lack of fabric may reduce the overall form-fitting feeling of the cleat, but the internal sock liner is specially sewn to hug the anatomical curves of the foot.


Since the shoe cuts below the ankle, the overall fit and lacing of the shoe becomes more critical and this cleat features asymmetrical lacing, so the cleat hugs your foot in the right places. The upper on this cleat contains synthetic materials that have a leather-like appearance and texture, and the midsole holds the fitted sock liner.


The outsole is also made with synthetic materials and features a base that has minimal bracing, strategic flex points, and conical shaped studs. The upper has a texture that helps explicitly with ball handling, and the laces veer off to one side, so they aren’t interfering with the feedback as you handle a ball.


This shoe is available in at least two different colors, and the simple design features some splashes of color that contrast nicely with the other parts of the shoe. Like the other shoes on our list, this model has no tongue to bunch up during gameplay and it is suitable for use in both wet and dry conditions.

Pros and Cons

Like any other shoe, the Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2 shoe has both pros and cons to consider before you buy. Here’s our list of pros and cons that might be helpful, but it's also a good idea to try them on in person.


  • Brightly colored
  • Made from synthetic materials and leather
  • Durable, but flexes with the foot
  • Comes in US sizes
  • Uses soft leather for a better fit and enhanced comfort
  • Suitable for both wet and dry conditions


  • Expensive
  • Not all users love the collar that covers the ankle
  • The textured upper is harder to clean
  • Best for natural surfaces, performance is hindered slightly by synthetic turf
  • May not be comfortable for those with unusually wide or narrow feet

It's also worth noting that these shoes may prove cost-prohibitive for some and there are cheaper options available from Nike and other brands. For those that want the ultimate agility shoe, this is one of the top candidates, but for those that are looking for different characteristics, you may be better served by another shoe design.


The Hypervenom Phantom is an excellent quality shoe that will work for a wide variety of players regardless of their position or playing style. This shoe combines some of the highest quality materials available, and advanced manufacturing processes to create a seamless shoe that is durable, responsive, and comfortable.


There is also a range of US sizes available, and the cleats also come with the standard Nike Gear Guarantee that covers all of their products. The upper on this shoe is particularly impressive as its texture improves performance by providing the wearer with more precise feedback while handling the ball.


This shoe may be pricey, but the fit and durability can’t be beaten in products with lower price tags. This shoe has seamless construction to prevent chafing which is something that plagues players that wear other shoes and have particularly narrow or wide feet. 


It's also worth noting that the collar keeps debris out of these cleats while even playing a small part in gently securing it to the foot. This cleat also has asymmetrical lacing and a molded base to keep the cleat firmly secured to your foot at all times. 


This construction means that even during the most rapid foot movements and directional changes necessary for gameplay, you can feel confident your shoe will stay on and in place. TPU tips on the studs also help with traction and directional modifications and are very durable.


The cushioning on this shoe is another top selling point as the impact of ball handling, and rapid direction changes can take a toll on your feet. The interior of this cleat has special padding that protects your foot without reducing the responsive feel you need to properly connect with the ball.

Featured Photo by Jeffrey F Lin on Unsplash

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