Nike has a wide array of soccer cleats, and their Magista model features a full collar and other characteristics that create a well-fitted shoe for most wearers. This overall form-fitting cleat allows the player to change directions rapidly and experience a new level of agility without their feet sliding around in their shoes.

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What is Nike Magista?

The Magista cleats by Nike have a familiar appearance with a full collar and asymmetrical lacing characteristic on many of their latest soccer cleat models. This shoe features a fully synthetic upper that has Nike Flywire throughout, and a polyester/spandex fabric portion that prevents chafing.


The interior of this shoe features ample padding for greater comfort and impact absorption, and the tongueless design ensures that there isn’t extra fabric to bunch up during gameplay. The base of this shoe is molded plastic and features several different stud shapes that help the player change direction or stop faster.


It's also worth noting that the Magista comes in a full range of US sizes which makes finding your size quicker. This shoe also has flat seams for a more comfortable fit, and 3D texturing that helps with connectivity during gameplay.


This type of shoe is best for advanced levels of play and not intended for new or intermediate players. While a less experienced player may fit in these shoes, the players meant to wear these cleats are much harder on their footwear. 


Advanced players also require a shoe of this quality to get the level of durability and comfort they need for extended sessions of gameplay and conditioning.

Product Specifications

Nike Youth Magista Obra II FG Cleats [Total Crimson] (4.5Y)
  • Size 4.5Y Boys
  • Authentic Nike Gear Guarantee
  • High-performance, molded EVA sockliner helps to reduce stud pressure and enhance comfort.
  • The Nike Magista has a long list of features that make it a beautiful soccer cleat with high-performance potential. Here is a list of specifications that can help you decide if this shoe is right for you.

    • ​Best for firm ground, but suitable for wet and dry conditions
    • ​The collar helps secure the foot and prevent chafing in the ankle area
    • ​3D texture provides better friction for ball handling
    • ​Textured upper enhances feedback when playing
    • ​The base has a pivoting zone near the forefoot
    • ​Heel studs have notches for better braking
    • ​Flyknit fabric is highly breathable and flexible
    • ​Extra cushioning on the sole and near the ankles


    Soccer cleats can vary in price, and generally this type of cleat ranges​ depending on the colors, sizing, and other factors like rarity. Most cleats have a range this large as some colors become more sought after than others, and some sizes will also be more difficult to find in stock.


    If you are looking for soccer cleats, it's a good idea to try them on first, but you can always opt to buy them online at sites like Amazon, eBay, and any manufacturer websites. Many of these sites have generous return policies that allow you to try on shoes and return them for free, but it's a good idea to confirm before buying.

    How It Compares

    Crop leg of a soccer player

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    The Nike Magista soccer cleat is one of many cleats with a similar design and standard materials. What sets this cleat apart from the rest is finer details and subtle features that may make a big difference to specific players.

    Nike Hypervenom Phantom III

    The Hypervenom Phantom III is visually similar to the Magista, but with a few crucial upgrades that may be very important to specific players. Some of these upgrades include the studs which vary in shape based on where they are on the base. Some of them are hexagon-shaped, while others feature shapes like a “V” or a rectangle.


    The upper features a collar much like the Magista, and there is 3D texturing in the form of geometric shapes. The fabric sole also offers up crucial padding that absorbs impacts to the foot during gameplay without sacrificing the sensitivity of your foot when handling the ball.


    The collar on this shoe is well padded as the fabric is woven more thickly than in other parts of the shoe, and the upper features entirely synthetic material. The lacing on this cleat is asymmetrical so that it won’t interfere with ball handling, and there is no tongue to bunch up or cause chafing.


    This shoe is designed to mold to your foot from the tip of your toes to just above the ankle so if you have unusually wide or narrow feet, its best to try these shoes on in person. Users report that the shoes are true to size and of excellent quality, but getting a snug fit is very important for optimal performance when wearing this shoe.

    Nike Tiempo Legend 7

    Nike Men's Legend 7 Elite FG Dark Grey/Opti Yellow Black AH7238 070
    • Style#: AH7238-070
    • Premium kangaroo leather upper with interior quilting provides a cushioned touch.
    • Midsole features flywire cables that integrate with the laces to lock down the foot.
    • Outsole features stability pods for added support.

    The Nike Tiempo Legend 7 soccer cleat has a different visual look to it than other cleats that have a soft fabric collar. This shoe stops below the ankle and has a more conventional cut that integrates leather and synthetic materials. Another unique feature of this shoe is that it has a tongue and symmetrical lacing not found on many modern shoes.


    These shoes come in a variety of different US sizes, and several colors are available which may vary depending on the website. This shoe has a distinctive kangaroo leather upper that integrates Flywire cables to help add structure and security.


    This shoe also has the customary stability padding that other Nike shoes have, and this can help reduce the overall impact that your feet feel while also providing valuable feedback. Inside of this shoe is Nike Grip technology that keeps your foot from sliding as you play but doesn’t cause chafing or discomfort with prolonged wearing.


    The laces on this shoe are sufficient to lock your foot in place, but beware that they are located near the toe area and may make ball handling more difficult. The upper on this shoe also has a unique ribbed appearance and a flashy bottom that has primarily round studs.


    This shoe is designed to stretch with your foot and breathe in areas where you are likely to overheat. The design also uses the Flyknit material to create a supportive heel cup, midfoot, and tongue for a more fitted feel.

    Pros and Cons

    Before buying a high-end pair of soccer cleats like the Nike Magista, take a look at our list of pros and cons to see where these shoes excel and where they fall short.


    • ​Made from a blend of synthetic materials including polyester and spandex
    • ​Textured upper for enhanced ball handling
    • ​Asymmetrical lacing for a custom fit
    • ​No tongue and flat seams to avoid chafing
    • ​Padded collar to protect your ankle
    • ​A variety of US sizes available
    • ​A molded base with different cleats positioned at multiple points on the foot


    • ​Expensive
    • ​Limited colors available
    • ​May not fit well on unusually wide or narrow feet
    • ​The upper may be more challenging to clean

    Keep in mind that not all Magista shoes are going to be available on the Nike website, and you may have better luck looking for this product at other online retail sites. A bonus to buying from these sites is that there are discounted prices, but the return policy and product quality may vary.


    two soccer player chasing the ball

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    The Magista soccer cleats by Nike are well-constructed shoes that pack a lot of features into a single design. These shoes feature the trendy collar design that is helpful when improving the overall fit of the shoe, and it also serves to keep debris out.


    These shoes are on the pricey side for sure, but some cleats can be found at a discount or used on sites like eBay. Other websites may have these shoes on sale, but it's a good idea to try them on first.


    The Magista shoes use all of the latest materials like Flyknit, molded bases, 3D texturing, and padding, but other models also offer comparable features at a similar price. The Magista is not the latest model to be released by Nike, and there are some visually identical shoes with small updates some players may prefer.


    This cleat may have heel cups, and other cushioning that is critical for comfortable wear, but you can find other models with more advanced cushioning as well. However, the Magista is a perfectly serviceable shoe even if it's not the most recent product offered up by Nike.


    When choosing between the Magista and other similar shoes, the one that ends up being the best is the one that has the most comfortable fit. Therefore, you should consider trying on many similar shoes until you find the one that you prefer based on comfort, fit, appearance, and responsiveness.


    When it comes to shoes without a collar, be cautious of the fit as chafing can happen quickly around the area of the ankles, and the Magista shoes have eliminated this issue entirely with their innovative and breathable design.

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