Soccer is a contact sport at times, and whether we intend for it to get that way or not, it will get a little rough. Soccer players need soccer training equipment along with safety gear to play. A successful drill is only as good at the training equipment you're using in the exercise. For instance, if you're running a one-touch shooting drill near the goal, you'll need more than a dozen soccer balls.

Great soccer teams have the right soccer training equipment available all the time. Whether it’s a local recreational team, a high school team, or a semi-pro team, get your team the right gear to help them learn and improve their skills. Before you start worrying over acquiring a bunch of training gear, take a moment to make sure each person on your team has the necessary equipment like:

  • A gear bag
  • Water bottles
  • Gloves (especially the goalkeeper)
  • A ball to practice with at home
  • Soccer socks
  • Regular and practice uniforms
  • Shin guards
  • Cleats

Some of the items on our list may seem unnecessary, but everything has a purpose. Honestly, the things in the first section below open the door to hundreds of training drills and exercises that'll strengthen your players and help their skills grow. If nothing else in this article appeals to you, get the five items in the first section.

We didn’t throw together a list of soccer training equipment without putting a lot of thought into it. We considered all the stuff you'd need to carry out the most popular soccer training drills and some items that just make it easier to train. We scoured information from soccer coaches online as well. Each piece of equipment on our list is essential for you and your team.

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5 Pieces Of Soccer Training Gear You Must Have

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If you don't have the budget to get every handy piece of training equipment, these five things should be the first items on your list. It's hard to do much more than do running drills and exercise if you don't have the right tools on hand. Most of these tools are easy to get, and some can be replaced with substitutes if necessary.

Franklin Sports Competition Soccer Goal

You need more than one goal for several reasons including running drills and just practicing shooting. This goal is available on Amazon for $$$. It’s available in smaller, cheaper sizes as well which come in handy for drills or practicing accuracy. It's much more difficult to hit a six-foot goal than a regulation goal. Get four to six extra soccer goals for running drills and mini-games.

GHB Pro Agility Ladder Agility Training Ladder

This speed ladder is on Amazon for $. It's great for a host of things from conditioning to improving speed and foot control. Accurate feet are essential to your players and your team, so get a few speed ladders for running drills on and build a quicker team. We've seen a homemade version of this piece of equipment, but they never lay flat which raises safety concerns. Get the real thing for your team.

Soccer Cones

Any type of soccer or football cone will work, but these stack up and take up less storage room. They're more disc-like than cone shaped which makes it easier to run drills around them since the ball will roll over them. They're less likely to trip up your players as well. They're useful for many speed training and dribbling drills. You can get a set like these on Amazon for $$.

GoSports Soccer Xtraman Dummy Defender Training Mannequin

Bulk Training Soccer Balls

This product is a 12-pack of soccer balls that you can order from Amazon for $$. The number of balls you have on hand is more important than the brand. Nothing kills a player’s mood to train more than waiting in the sun for someone else to finish using a piece of gear because only one or two are available. Buy your team some soccer balls in bulk.

10 Optional But Recommended Soccer Training Gear

We call this optional gear, but most of it is almost a necessity. Training is hard and having the right equipment makes it worth the work. If you don't have the budget to get this type of gear, consider fundraisers or booster club funds. It's worth the effort and time to get your team the right training equipment to improve their skills.

BlueDot Trading Youth Scrimmage Training Vests

Everyone on your team wears the same uniform. Training uniforms are great for preserving game uniforms, but your athletes need a little extra help practice games. These scrimmage vests are lightweight and breathable plus they make sure each team plays their best by helping keep the attackers and defenders separated. You can buy a 12-pack on Amazon for $$.

Portable Soccer Rebounder Net

This product is on the optional gear list, but it's such a great training tool that we recommend getting a couple of them. You can order this one from Amazon for $$. It's perfect for helping your team work on their trapping technique, first touch shots, and accuracy. Rebounders like this one are adjustable, so you control the speed of the returning ball along with the angle.

Resistance Parachute

You can order a resistance parachute like this one from Amazon for $9.88. If you haven't used them before, prepare for some complaining from your athletes. That said, you'll notice more burst speed and stamina in your players after just a couple of weeks of training with parachutes. Get five or six, so you can fill up the lanes at the track with kids and reduce wait times.

Reaction Balls

You can order one like this for $ on Amazon. Admittedly, this training tool is more fun for coaches than players. The ball reacts differently each time it comes in contact with a surface. Players won't know what the ball's trajectory is until the ball shows them. It's excellent for training goalkeepers or improving the reflexes of your entire team. It's also a lot of fun to watch your team chase this ball.

QuickPlay PRO Agility Poles

Agility poles work similarly to speed ladders. They provide obstacles or a track for athletes to follow. Running drills using these poles will increase agility and improve a players control over their feet. They're also instrumental in dribbling drills. You can order a set of 12 like these from Amazon for $$. You may want to get three or four sets to set up complicated drills and agility tests.

Unlimited Potential Hexagonal Speed & Agility Training Rings

We've included several types of soccer training equipment on this list that are aimed at developing speed and agility. It's a good idea to use multiple methods to prevent athletes from merely getting used to one training routine. Their bodies get used to it as well, and it may hurt their performance. You can order 12 of these rings from Amazon for $$.

Agora Soccer Training Passing Arches

You can order a set of four passing arches from Amazon for $$. These are great for training anyone on your team that moves the ball a lot, which is the whole team. We suggest getting a few sets of these to help players improve their passing accuracy. Get arches made from metal or high-quality plastic to prevent warping or breaking during the first practice session.

SCOREMORE Soccer Training Targets

You can get these training targets on Amazon for $$. That's assuming you want a four pack of them. If not, a single target is only $. We suggest getting the former so that you can arrange them in a series and let your strikers try to hit them all before moving them. These targets will boost your player's scoring percentages.

SKLZ Star-Kick Hands-Free Solo Soccer Trainer

You can order this item from Amazon for $ in a few different colors. We included this solo trainer on the optional list because you can learn ball control and pass control without it. However, for the money, this is an invaluable tool for teaching control. It also helps out on agility and reaction time since the ball is tethered to the athlete. Encourage your team to get one to use at home as well.

Ohle Kick Soccer Training Aid

Like the last training tool, this one is a great training tool for soccer players to have access to at home and during practice. It helps them learn balance and ball control plus they can work on their first touch skills as well. This one is available on Amazon for $$$, and it comes with a training app to get you started. Cheaper versions are also available, but the training app seems valuable to us.

Some of the items on these two lists can double as training tools on the practice field and at home. Along with the knowledge and skills you pass on to your athletes, encourage them to continue practicing at home. No athlete ever made it to a professional level in sports by only training while they were with their coaches. Training camps may also be a good idea for exceptionally gifted athletes.

Be A Better Prepared Coach

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Coaching is very fulfilling, and it comes with the bonus of watching young athletes get better while knowing you helped them. That may just be two definitions of rewarding, but you see where we’re going with it. One of the best training tools you have is your knowledge of soccer and the example you set for the kids.

Help them grow into adults by showing them that you're always prepared for everything on the field. Practice soccer and having fun. If you have a coaching staff, relay the same message to them. Be prepared for when things break, or kids get hurt. Hopefully, your kids won't sustain any injuries but if they do make sure they see you as calm and ready to react. All athletes look up to their coaches.

Part of being prepared is making sure the minor things we often don’t think about are on hand. A first aid kit and a hand pump with extra needles should be within arms reach and not something you have to hunt down when you need it. If your kids are responsible for some of the primary gear like shin guards or bibs, keep a few extra on hand for when they forget to bring them.

Train Your Coaching Staff


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Treat yourself and your staff to training classes as well. Each athlete is different, and they all come with a variety of flaws that you need to correct. Helping them get past always trying to toe-kick the ball or altering poor follow through is not always easy. Sure, some kids may pick up on why it's wrong and work to fix it, but others will rely on their coaches to train it out of them.

The soccer training equipment in this article will solve any problem from technical issues to failing to grasp the fundamentals, but nothing replaces good coaching knowledge. So, coaches need to know how to fix common problems and how to use this equipment effectively. Otherwise, you're failing your athletes, and you don't want to go down that road.

Some Final Notes

Many high schools don't have a large budget for soccer teams. A big part of their sports funding goes to football and the various football teams. If you have this problem, remind your school that soccer is ranked high among high school student just like basketball and football. If that doesn't work, get the items on our first list and then work on getting the optional gear along the way. Your athletes will benefit.