Men In Blazers NBC And Best Goals 2014

rog and mike nbc






Men in Blazers NBC and best goals 2014 what a fun way to end this year. Want to have

a good laugh and just look at the lighter side of football? Just pull up Michael Davies and Roger

Bennett on NBC online and watch the witty banter between these two hard core football lovers of the

game. You will get insights to the players, coaches, managers and fans of this great sport. It’ll make

you laugh even if you are a Crystal Palace fan. Wayne Ronney’s hair to wearing sun glasses at a

match to fighting amongst the players which always looks like just a bunch of pushin’ around. Funny

commentary about just about anything, to even eating a meat pie to predict the out come of matches

and table standings. Great fun to enjoy their podcast and relax for a bit. Thanks for 2014 Rog n DavO,

can’t wait for 2015 brings in. Best goals of 2014 are all over the internet, here are some favorites from The English Premier League [Read more…]

World Cup 2014 In Brazil And Predictions

van persie goal vs spain 2014 world cup







World Cup 2014 In Brazil And Predictions For This Great Football Event.

The 2014 World Cup has started off with a bang. Many great match ups already and more to come.

Here are some websites predicting the winners using knowledge from past players, coaches, football announcers and even animals to predict the winners of 2014. Also some sites for goal highlights.


Bleacher Report

Telegraph CO UK

Even CBS News has sea turtles picking the winners

Different ways to watch the games online vary across the internet but ESPN’s web site has good

coverage, lower right half way down the home page, you will see a link for the up coming matches live

Interesting stories about players n teams through FIFA and Yahoo good angles  and

The USA team has a good web site about it’s players here, see where our players come from in the US

Goal highlights try    and

We hope that TheSoccerInfo was been some help in World Cup 2014 in Brazil and predictions through websites plus highlights, Goooooal… [Read more…]

Abby Wambach Sets New Scoring Record And Striker Skills

Abby Wambach







Abby Wambach sets new scoring record and striker skills, showing she is the best scorer of all time.

Wambach tied Mia Hamm only 18 minutes into the South Korea match on June 20th 2013, and only

11 minutes later she was the leader on a head ball goal off a corner kick to take the record at 159.

At the 46 minute mark, she knocked in her 4th goal for the game, while the US went on to a 5-0

thumping of South Korea. The whole US women’s team is hitting all cylinders playing with great support

for offensive and defensive dominance in international play. Kristie Mewis and Lauren Cheney started off

the friendly match with some quick goals to set the tone of the match. Carli Llyod and Wambach added

goals in the friendly match. Canada got stung by the red hot US squad in a 3-0 solid win with

Alex Morgan tucking away two goals and Sydney Leroux put away one for another USA victory. [Read more…]

Bayern Munich Wins Champions League 2013

Players of Champions League 2013







Bayern Munich wins Champions League 2013, beating Borussia Dortmund 2-1 in a very close match.

Arjen Robben saves the day in the final minutes to take FC Bayern Munich to another cup winner at

Wembley Stadium. Dortmund was the pressing side during a captivating yet goalless first 45 minutes,

forcing Munich’s Manual Neuer into a succession of saves. Borussia’s Keeper Roman Weidenfeller was

not so pressed, but each team had a couple of great chances. With an 60 minutes gone, Mario

Mandzukic put the Bavarians ahead from close range, but a foul by Dante on Marco Reus allowed Ilkay

Gundogan to level the score from the penalty spot eight minutes later. In the last minute remaining in

regulation time, Arjen Robben squeezed the ball over the line, and ensure that Bayern Munich took

home the trophy that eluded them in 2010-12. Five time winner FC Bayern Munich will cherish this

victory. Watch the soccer skills program the host stadium had for the fans of Champions League. [Read more…]

Great Goal Celebrations And Late Winning Goals

soccer ball off the post






Great goal celebrations and late winning goals can light up a crowd making the football/soccer

experience exciting. Soccer, like many sports is entertainment, and playing to the crowd can be great,

if you back it up with solid play. Late minute goals can set a fan base on fire, literally. English Premier

League match have been known to get out of hand from time to time. Some semi-pro teams in the

states here have some interesting goal celebrations as you will see in the videos below. The main thing

is to keep it all in good fun, and enjoy the excitement of a well played match. [Read more…]

LA Galaxy And Houston Dynamo Take One Step Closer







LA Galaxy and Houston Dynamo take one step closer to MLS Cup Finals on Dec. 1st, 2012.

With 3 goals in by the Galaxy and the defense putting up a shut out verses the Sounders, LA looks

tough to beat. Robbie Keane continues his tear on goal and Landon Donovan keeps setting the table.

Nov. 18th is the last match to show the Sounders have what it takes to over come the Galaxy. DC

United started with a goal against Houston, but soon gave up 3 goals to a red hot Dynamo club who

maybe the East team to claim the MLS Cup Dec 1st.  All four teams play again Nov. 18th to see who moves on. [Read more…]

Seattle Sounders And DC United Live On To Play Another Playoff Match






Seattle Sounders And DC United live on to play another match after victories in their conference

semifinals on Nov. 8th. The Sounders had to travel to Rio Tinto Stadium to take beat Real Salt Lake

by a 1-0 margin in a close defensive match. Seattle next has to travel to LA to face the Galaxy on

their home turf Nov. 11th to see who moves on in the Western Division. DC United also produced a clean

sheet after shutting out the NY Red Bulls in the Eastern Division, with a 1-0 victory. United next travels

to Houston to take on the red hot Dynamo who are playing some great ball of late. One sad note for DC

United fans, Andy Najar will be sitting out the next two games because he threw the soccer ball

at the ref in the Red Bull game. On one good note for the Red Bull Club they announced before the

match that the club will donate $125,000 to hurricane relief funds in New Jersey and New York, as well

as the Red Cross. Also good to see MLS clubs giving back to their communities. [Read more…]

US Mens Soccer Team Wins One Behind Eddie Johnson’s Head






US Mens Soccer Team Wins One Behind Eddie Johnson’s Head

Eddie Johnson wins one for USA in being in the right place at the right time and finishing 2 big goals.

Team USA needed this match to stay in the hunt for the World Cup in 2014. With a head ball in the

20th minute and one in the 90th minute, Eddie Johnson showed every young soccer play how to

properly head a ball for a goal. What a clinic Mr. Johnson put on with great space awareness and how

to keep the ball down as you head it on the goal for a huge score. Here is some behind the scenes with Team USA. [Read more…]

Best Soccer Drills U12, U13, U14, U15 For Faster Soccer Skills






Best Soccer Drills U12, U13, U14, U15 For Faster Soccer Skills

Some of the best soccer drills for faster skill development can be worked on in the off season anytime.

Working on single person and two person drills can be practiced without large team group. Work

these drills everyday and your mastery will come after years of pushing the speed in which you can do

these soccer basics. Starting with juggling and small touches of the ball in dribbling movements, the

more you learn how to cut the ball the better. Using both the inside and out side parts of each foot,

as you make quick changes of the ball direction, you will always keep defenders off balance. No look

passing or Fake Look passing is one of the best ways to keep defenders guessing where you are

passing to your teammates, as games get higher and higher in competition level. 5 simple soccer drills

below will help your everyday development of good soccer basics skills. [Read more…]

Top College Soccer Teams Undefeated In 2012







Top college soccer teams undefeated in 2012, some only 1 and 2 losses going into the NCAA tourney.

Here Are Some Undefeated NCAA Division 1 Men’s Soccer Teams As Of Oct. 3rd 2012, looking to

go far in the tournament in November. Maryland Terps lead the pack with a record of 8-0-1 so far

in 2012 fall competition. Following them are the U Conn Huskies with a 9-0-1 record on the line.

At 10-0-1 Georgetown Hoyas are putting on a show in Washington DC and can’t wait for that top spot.

Marquette and UC-Santa Barbara also have 10-0 and 7-0 records as the month of October gets rolling.

College soccer is growing across the nation, get out and check your local Division1,2,or 3 match’s going on now. [Read more…]