4 Reasons Why Illinois Indoor Soccer Is Growing







Manny Rojas takes over as Chicago Soul Indoor Soccer Head Coach as the season warms up for a

start in 2012. Many new indoor soccer changes all over Northern Illinois soccer with new and updated

facilities are underway. Here are four great reasons why indoor soccer is growing for players and teams

across many levels of play.

1. Indoor soccer uses less field players than outdoor soccer, therefore you get so many more touches playing the ball. More time with the ball, better skill development.

2. The passing and reaction time is so much faster, making one touch passing skill set in the indoor game so much more important to master as you get more time with the ball.

3. Conditioning and team relationships keep building as you go from outdoor season to indoor the whole team gets tighter. As players play more minutes together, reactions become second nature.

4. Keep playing this fun game, because all shapes and sizes can enjoy it, and that increases training plus conditioning as your team moves ahead of other opponents. [Read more…]

Chicago Fire Red Hot Moving Towards Playoffs







Chicago Fire are hot right now, with two victories in Sept., that 6 points puts them in 2nd place in the

Eastern Division. Beating the Houston Dynamo in early Sept. by a 3-1 score, they putting the heat

on the East soccer teams. With Marco Pappa gone and others team members moving on, Coach Frank

Klopas has the Fire hitting on all cylinders. Toronto FC got down quick to the red hot Chicago FC giving

up 2 goals in the first half of their match acouple days ago. The Fire almost had another shutout, but

one defensive lapse gave up the clean sheet to this Canadian FC, the 3 points still went to Chicago. [Read more…]

MISL Indoor Soccer Starts Season Soon






The Milwaukee Wave defends it’s 2011 Championship starting Nov. 2nd to 9th across the country.

Milwaukee Wave
Missouri Comets
Wichita Wings
Baltimore Blast
Chicago Soul
Rochester Lancers
Syracuse Silver Knights

Go out and see an indoor soccer match, great family fun. Also check out meet-up groups for indoor

soccer programs for you to get involved with. Check your local field house for adult indoor programs. [Read more…]

Pele In Victory And The New York Cosmos Champions







Pele was the star of the NASL in the 1970’s and brought a huge focus to the game in the US.

He help bring big name players from other countries to help the birth of this new soccer league.

After he retired, in 1981 he was in the movie Victory with Michael Caine and Sylvester Stallone.

Neat soccer movie to watch with World War II mixed into the plot. If you were a good young

player in the US, the nick name some kids would get in the 1970,80’s,90’s would be PELE.

The New York Cosmos did good by bring Pele to America. The Cosmos won championships

in 1972, 1977, 1978, 1980, and 1982. One of the most interesting rules was the way the penalty

kicks were taken at the end of a championship games to seal the winner. Watch these penalty kicks!

1980 Championship, New York Cosmos vs. The Washington Diplomats, Vladislav Bosicevic

wins it, beating Washington Goalie Irwin with a sneaky shot to the near post side. Birkenmeier

saved the last shot to seal the 1980 NASL Championship for the Cosmos.

Another great movie to rent is “Once in a Lifetime” about Pele. Vintage Soccer Below !
Any videos about a certain topic, use the search bar in the upper right corner. [Read more…]