7 Tips Parents For Summer/Fall Soccer

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Seven tips for being ready for summer and fall soccer with your kids. In this busy life, we

always seem to wait until the last moment to pack everything and rush to the game or practice.

A. Have the directions to the game site mapped out the night before and the car full of gas.

B. Get the water bottles and quick energy snacks ready and packed the night before.

C. Get all uniforms / equipment washed and packed away the night before.

D. Pack a first aid kit, it is surprising how many soccer sites do not have anything.

E. Rest Up! Get into bed a half hour earlier than normal. A good night sleep is everything.

F. Take folding chairs, blankets, rain gear, and extra clothes.
It’s amazing how many times you might use them.

G. Have a fun time. Laugh in the car over to the game. Talk about just trying hard.
Good sportsmanship. Pick up your teammates and even coaches.
Be positive and up lifting, so few are. Try to start a new tradition. Simple steps.

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Kids Soccer Training Tips






Kids soccer training tips can be found on many web sites.

Soccer Info found one site with 11 coaches & 52 bullet points to think about kids soccer.

This article would be a good one for making a little kid soccer rule book.
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Nike Tiempo Natural IV Indoor Soccer Shoes Review

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Nike Tiempo Natural IV indoor soccer shoe is a solid low cost footwear.

These shoes feel great and have out lasted some $90 shoes we have researched.

For around $35 , these Nike indoor soccer shoes are wider than other brands.

Indoor soccer is hot right now, get a good shoe for a good price.

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