Drills For Soccer Skills Keeping The Ball On Target

Rev's vs Union MLS






Drills for soccer skills keeping the ball on target is one key elements soccer coaches look for from

time to time. Knowing that all positional field players will be called upon in some game to shoot on

goal, hoping to at least keep the ball on frame(goal). The key tips are:

1. Keep your knee over the ball as you strike the shot, this will help in shooting the ball over the goal

2. Don’t over power the ball, the idea is to hit it clean and straight, too much power means over the bar

3. Try not the lean back, keep your body straight or slightly over the ball will keep it down for the most part

4. The shot is many times just a hard pass if you can picture that in your mind as you are preparing for the shot

5. Angles are more important than power and speed of the ball, power comes later as you get better technique

6. A ball on goal(target) has a chance to score, it’s better to hit the ball slightly softer to insure a chance to score

Many drills have been shown for teaching goal scoring, here are some MLS results of drills for soccer

skills keeping the ball on target. [Read more…]

Landon Donovan And Robbie Keane Take Down Chivas USA






Landon Dovovan two plus one goal from Robbie Keane means doom for Chivas USA. In a cross town

classic match, the Super Clasico goes to the LA Galaxy moving them into the middle of the Western

Conference race. Donovan must of hit the post 3 times in this game, making the score only 3 to 1, it

could have been 5 to 1 easily. Good though passes from Beckham, and a goal from his bending

right swerving strike corner kick, great match to watch. [Read more…]

Los Angeles Galaxy Lose To Houston Dynamo 2-1







Houston Dynamo and Brian Ching hand David Beckham’s LA Galaxy another loss. With the

Galaxy at the bottom of the Western Division of the MLS, Houston is climbing in the East Division.

LA jumped out first with a goal in the 9th minute right away, but not too much time later Ching ties

up the score of a rebound own goal. In the 56th minute the head ball flick goal puts up the Dynamo,

and cements in the 3 points for Houston and the victory. Beckham had two very close shots sent away. [Read more…]

Philadelphia Union Wins First 2012 Match Against The Columbus Crew

Philadelphia Union MLS






The Philadelphia Union pitches a shut out over the Columbus Crew to get their first win in 2012.

Defensive struggle for both teams, but one hand ball call was the difference. Watch how Gomez

takes this penalty kick. Both teams had chances to score off head balls, but all went wide. [Read more…]

LA Galaxy Beats Houston Dynamo In A Close Match Nov. 20th, 2011 MLS Cup

mls 2011 final cup game

MLS final played Nov. 20th ends in a 1 to 0 loss for the Houston Dynamo. The LA Galaxy wins
the MLS Cup for 3rd time.

Houston played well, but the LA Galaxy had too much fire power. Many chances on each side for the soccer match in Carson City.

mls la galaxy soccer







Landon Donovan wins it with a nice run and a ball placed into the right corner. 1 goal, 1 MLS
soccer winner. Here is a list of past MLS Soccer Champions.
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Landon Donovan Stays With Galaxy To Fight For The MLS Cup

usa landon donovan

Donovan stays home to help the LA Galaxy stay hot for the MLS playoffs.

USA Mens National Team is going to play France for an international “friendly” match on the 18th.

Now the Galaxy have a better chance verse the Dynamo’s on the 20th.

All the leagues across the world are feeling it, check out this post.
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LA Galaxy Win Over The Red Bulls

la galaxy beckham

LA Galaxy win 1 to 0 over the Red Bulls in the first round of the playoffs.

Beckham feeds Magee with a pass in the 15th minute to seal the game for LA.

Here is a great recap of the game. [Read more…]