Best Soccer Dribbling Drills And Shooting Tips

Ronaldo Dribbling





Best soccer dribbling drills and shooting tips are always in demand. Moving the ball to set up your team mates

and putting the defense into an uncomfortable position, is the goal of any attacking player. Messi and

Ronaldo are two of the best currently, every 7 years it seems to change to a couple new young

maestro’s. Keeping the ball close with small touches and keeping your speed n balance is always the

trick. Small touches to the left n right while using your inside or outside part of your foot is the skill to be

mastered. Practice jogging with the ball first, then after 3 laps around your area, pick up the pace using

the same technique, get better at a couple moves first before moving on and adding feints. Feints are

the key to keeping defenders guessing where are you going. Use some cones in the beginning but after

a while, dribble with other people at the same time and see if you can all miss each other as you dribble

at the other players with their soccer balls. Learn how to keep your eyes up so you can see the field of

players and work on just stopping the ball, it doesn’t always have to go forward. Practice shielding your

ball as you hold on to possession to see what opens up for your teammates. Great dribbling can lead to

great scoring chances. Shooting is the finished product of a great scoring attack. Watch how these best

soccer dribbling drills and shooting tips help your attacking soccer skills. Some great attacking soccer here on this English Premier League Highlights.

Robin Van Persie From Man U With Full Volley GOAL!!!

Goal 2013 Van Persie Man U






Robin Van Persie From Man U With Full Volley GOAL!!!

This may be the strike of the year here in 2013. Manchester United’s striker Robin Van Persie

hit a beauty out of the air against Aston Villa in a 3-0 victory for the men in red. Van Persie knocked

in a hat trick on Villa in the first half alone, giving Man U their 20th league title for the English Premier

League. Wanye Rooney’s chip from the half field mark on to the foot of Persie’s, just outside of the box,

sent a rocket into the side netting, leaving Aston Villa to think, no way of beating Man U today.

Robin Van Persie From Man U With Full Volley GOAL!!! Look it up on YouTube, it was a huge hit.

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Great Goal Celebrations And Late Winning Goals

soccer ball off the post






Great goal celebrations and late winning goals can light up a crowd making the football/soccer

experience exciting. Soccer, like many sports is entertainment, and playing to the crowd can be great,

if you back it up with solid play. Late minute goals can set a fan base on fire, literally. English Premier

League match have been known to get out of hand from time to time. Some semi-pro teams in the

states here have some interesting goal celebrations as you will see in the videos below. The main thing

is to keep it all in good fun, and enjoy the excitement of a well played match. [Read more…]

Manchester City Takes One Away From Man United







Manchester City takes the lead of the Barclays Premier League with a 1-0 win over

Manchester United. Vincent Kompany headed a corner kick from David Silva in the first half,

and the Man City defense did the rest. Many chances for both clubs to score, but Kompany’s header

found the back of the net. Man City on top right now. Here is a great video about Davivd Silva

the little engine that keeps Man City movin forward. At the 3 min mark of the video is Kompany’s Goal.

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Goalkeeper Mistake Gets A Sneaky Goal For A Quick Striker

Goalies need to be aware at all times, strikers do this all the time.

A good striker will always watch how many times a goalie will put the soccer

ball down and kick it.  A word to the goalies, mix it up, and watch your back. [Read more…]

Tim Howard Scores For Everton

goalie tim howard scores goal







Tim Howard scores a long 100 yard goal, what a long distance strike.

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Soccer Jersey From Your Favorite Soccer Team

Replica Soccer Jersey












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Liverpool Beats Chelsea 2-1 Nov. 20th, 2011 Match On Fox Sports

liverpool fc







Chelsea football club gets beat by Liverpool 2-1 on Nov. 20th in a close played match.

Liverpool hands Chelsea its second straight home loss.

Thanks to Fox Sports for showing this match on Sunday sports for all Americans to view this match.

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Sony Professional: Picture stitch technology

Soccer deals
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Special Soccer Gifts For The Holidays

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Soccer Predictions For English Premier League

premier league soccer football

The Premier League in England is one the most watched leagues in all of soccer / football.
Most people wonder how do these clubs rank for this season, click here to see some predictions.

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English Premier League Football And It’s Awesome Goals

english football soccer   English Football, here in the states we call it soccer.

Check out these teams as they move in and out every year of this top league in England. Check out their site here.

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