Best Soccer Dribbling Drills And Shooting Tips

Ronaldo Dribbling





Best soccer dribbling drills and shooting tips are always in demand. Moving the ball to set up your team mates

and putting the defense into an uncomfortable position, is the goal of any attacking player. Messi and

Ronaldo are two of the best currently, every 7 years it seems to change to a couple new young

maestro’s. Keeping the ball close with small touches and keeping your speed n balance is always the

trick. Small touches to the left n right while using your inside or outside part of your foot is the skill to be

mastered. Practice jogging with the ball first, then after 3 laps around your area, pick up the pace using

the same technique, get better at a couple moves first before moving on and adding feints. Feints are

the key to keeping defenders guessing where are you going. Use some cones in the beginning but after

a while, dribble with other people at the same time and see if you can all miss each other as you dribble

at the other players with their soccer balls. Learn how to keep your eyes up so you can see the field of

players and work on just stopping the ball, it doesn’t always have to go forward. Practice shielding your

ball as you hold on to possession to see what opens up for your teammates. Great dribbling can lead to

great scoring chances. Shooting is the finished product of a great scoring attack. Watch how these best

soccer dribbling drills and shooting tips help your attacking soccer skills. Some great attacking soccer here on this English Premier League Highlights.

Crazy Cool Juggling Moves In Soccer With The Pros







Fun soccer movie with many pro players from all over the world. Showing a fun

side to soccer / football and the kid excitement of just having fun playing the game.

Just learn to juggle anytime you can. One, two, or three people learn the soft touches.

Shoes on or shoes off, learn to feel the ball, it will help in every game you play.

Ronaldinho, C. Ronaldo, and Thierry Henry and more are having fun with just playing. [Read more…]

Bayern Munich Wins On Penalty Kicks Over Real Madrid







Bayern Munich moves on in the Champions League playoffs by beating Real Madrid in penalty kicks.

Goalies, watch this one, many great saves by both keepers to keep this match exciting to watch.

Both teams had their chances, even Ronaldo missed a shot he should have made. Cristiano

Ronaldo and Kaka both had penalties saved by Manuel Neuer, as Bayern Munich wins 3-1 to move

on and play Chelsea. Bayern Munich vs. Chelsea coming up May 19th, exciting match to watch. [Read more…]

Real Madrid Beats FC Barcelona 2-1 In A Tight La Liga Match







FC Barcelona loses a tight match to Real Madrid by a 2-1 score.

Ball bouncing Real Madrid’s way, with scrappy play by the team in white.

Even FC Barcelona gets a goal from the ball bouncing right in front of the net.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Blast A Shot For A Quick Goal

Knuckle ball shot by Cristiano Ronaldo







Cristiano Ronaldo knuckle ball shot from 32 yards away was a thing of pure power.

He then pointed to his leg to show the power of that incredible goal. Power Shot !

Real Madrid won this match over Osasuna by a 5 to 1 score.
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Real Madrid Resort Island Plan $1 Billion

resort island owned by real madrid






Real Madrid Football Club is building a $1 Billion Dollar island resort to be opened Jan. 2015.

Visitors the first year could be as high a One million people.

48 villas, 60 bungalows and 450 guest rooms. Five Star Footballers Paradise.

This will be a High Level Luxury Resort in the United Arab Emirates. Bring your water-proof soccer ball. [Read more…]

Cristiano Ronaldo Scores Goal With A BackHeel Strike

Ronaldo Back Heel Goal








Back heel goal for Ronaldo wasn’t his best from what he said to reporters after the match today.

The back heel goal on Feb 26th match against rival Rayo Vallecano, gave Real Madrid a 1-0 victory.

Real Madrid still leads Barcelona in the La Liga league standings with a 13 pt. lead.

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