Basic Soccer Rules And Field Size For Beginners

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Basic soccer rules and field size for beginners in U7, U8, U9, U10, U11, and U12 groups of youth soccer.

Field size and rules for soccer can be changed for the age of the group playing the game. The amount of

players on the field and the dimensions can be made much smaller to fit the size of the players.

Many AYSO programs and other youth programs make their own goal size and whether goalies

will play or just field players to give each child the chance to kick the ball as much as possible during

a game. Many web sites talk about regulation size soccer fields, but any organization can reduce the

field size and goal size as they wish. The ball size is also important per ability / age of the player, size 3

and size 4 are popular for U11 and younger. Size 5 soccer balls are encouraged around U10 to U12

age groups. Rules of the game can vary from each age group, the offsides rule can be one altered for

not slowing down the action, most u9 groups and below don’t use it. Throw in rule can also be changed

to a kick in rule for side line / touch line to make it easier for U8 and younger player to put the ball back

into play. As the player get U13 and older the rules get more into Jr. High / High School rule level

and most groups abide by them. All and all, soccer rules are pretty simple, to this day offsides seems

to be in discussion on how ref’s call it. Here are some good video’s on basic soccer rules and field size

for beginners in U7, U8, U9, U10, U11, and U12 groups of youth soccer. Here is a neat link for soccer rules for dummies.

Olympic Soccer USA Loses Chance To Qualify

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USA Olympic Soccer Team tied in a close game that went down to the final moments in stoppage play.

The final score was 3 – 3, the US team had to win to make it in to the next round for Olympic play.

El Salvador advances with points and the tie with team USA. [Read more…]

The Soccer Rules And The Offsides Ruling

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The game of soccer has many simple rules. The game goes back to over 2000 years ago.
From China to Rome and from Greece to Central America, the game is called
“Football” around the world. England was credited with making rules more
defined and setting up leagues of teams. Many good web sites go though the rules step by step,
but one of the toughest rules to follow is offsides.
The offside rule is a quick timing call by the referee, and with the 3 man teams
of ref’s, usually it’s called correctly.
Watch this good video on the one rule that has so much attention in the soccer/football world. [Read more…]

Indoor Soccer Leagues And The MISL

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Great family fun watching major indoor soccer games. Prices are reasonable and very entertaining.
MISL Teams Are As Follows:
Milwaukee Wave
Missouri Comets
Wichita Wings
Baltimore Blast
Norfolk SharX
Rochester Lancers
Syracuse Silver Knights

MISL Champion in 2011 was The Milwaukee Wave, beating the Baltimore Blast. [Read more…]

Goalkeeper Mistake Gets A Sneaky Goal For A Quick Striker

Goalies need to be aware at all times, strikers do this all the time.

A good striker will always watch how many times a goalie will put the soccer

ball down and kick it.  A word to the goalies, mix it up, and watch your back. [Read more…]

Adult Soccer Tournaments

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Adult soccer tournaments are a great get away for any seasoned soccer lover.

Check in to these soccer get away tournaments popping up across the country.

From Miami to New York to Las Vegas, these adult soccer tournament are a

great reason to go see other parts of this beautiful country. You can find 4 V 4,

5 V 5 , and all the way up to 11 V 11 games. Most of the time, it’s just a get away.
Some Free Books On Soccer, Some From $9 to $47, Great Choices.
[Read more…]

Indoor Soccer Tournaments Across The Country

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Indoor soccer tournaments are heating up across the country.

You can play almost any indoor field house to a regular gym floor.

Use different types of indoor soccer balls for these varied surfaces.

Here is a great site some indoor soccer tournaments across the USA.
Some Free Books On Soccer, Some From $9 to $47, Great Choices.
[Read more…]

The Soccer Info Reviews Different Indoor Soccer Shoes

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Different companies make indoor soccer shoes from all color and sizes.

After our review we found the Adidas slightly narrow on their shoe fittings.

The Nike and Puma indoor soccer shoes tended to run wider for the player with wider feet.

indoor soccer shoe by Nike









All seemed to play well on different indoor surfaces, all had no complaints of gripping the floor.

Adidas Samba has a review from a player online, see for yourself. Try Soccer Shop For Prices.

Try Soccer Garage link at the bottom of this page for great deals on these items. Good Prices, Fast Delivery.


Soccer Rules

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Soccer rule books are something every coach needs to have, and to study with the changes every year in their league.

The offside rule is one of the toughest rules for referee’s to call through out the game. Watch the way the rule book reads in the video.

soccer deals [Read more…]

Soccer Coaching

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Coaching simple drills with a little added competition always pushes your athletes.
Here is coach working with some young women and making drill push the athletes practicing.
Fitness and drills prepares the athletes for competition. Great coaching move below.
soccer deals
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