Best Goals Of 2014 And The MLS Cup

New England Vs LA Galaxy






Best goals of 2014 and the MLS Cup are hot topics in early December of every year.

Get your game face on Galaxy and Rev fans !!! You are days away from crowning the 2014 champ.

Will Landon Donovan go out with another title or the Rev’s winning their first ever MLS Cup after

five final appearances? It will be a great match at 3pm EST on Dec. the 7th at the StubHub Center,

too bad for NE Rev’s but that will be a home town crowd for the Galaxy. Tough track for both teams

though the playoffs after 2013 Champs Sporting KC and 2014 Supporters Shield winners Seattle

Sounders were eliminated, only 2 stand for this championship match. What a year for all of the teams

in the MLS, and many fantastic goals were scored. With great rookie year like Harry Shipp from the

Chicago Fire to the news Thierry Henry played his last game as a New York Red Bull. Many records

broken / tied like Bradley Wright Phillips, Dom Dwyer, and Landon Donovan all hit milestones.

Here are some video and links for the amazing goals of 2014

Top 40 YouTube MLS Goals

Best Four Under 24
33 Goals for the week in MLS list 

Kyle Beckerman wins most nominees

Final 4 of Goal Of The Year 2014

Hope You Enjoyed Best Goals Of 2014 And The MLS Cup Final This Sunday Dec 7th

Soccer Drills Help Playing The Game Of Soccer / Football





Soccer Drills Help Playing The Game Of Soccer / Football

Soccer drills and drilling the basics always helps your touch on the ball, as you will get better everyday.
Learning the basics with soccer drills will help you in a game just to react to what is given to you.
Keep drills simple, repeat them multiple times to see improvement, then look for other drills. Videos are
all through out this site showing you drills for coaches and for the individual player to do on their own.
In the upper right hand corner of this site, The Soccer Info, you will see a search bar. Please write
in any word you are looking to train on, then find many articles/videos show up on that topic. Passing,
dribbling, shooting, trapping, heading, scoring, goalie drills, and many more Soccer/Football terms.
Plus the tags below under all videos gives you more to research in that category. Videos of drills and
game highlights of soccer matches are under most “MORE” tabs below. Check out the whole site on
The Soccer Info. Main categories are AYSO, Youth Soccer, High School Soccer, College, MLS, Indoor,
International and English Premier League Football.
Any ideas for new categories or write us about your players and teams, is what this site is about.
Get new advice every week from different sources in the world of soccer/football. Learn, Enjoy, SHARE [Read more…]

Everyday Soccer Drills Both Indoor And Outdoor Game








Triangle passing drills are one of the main formats for successful training for game play.

Also learning how to receive the ball and trap it under your control is so important to work on.

Even working around the house and using your family members to set up an obstacle course,

can keep drilling on soccer techniques and keeping it fresh n fun. If you want to try some higher level

with shooting and passing, try learning the bicycle kick. This might come in handy 1 in 100 games. [Read more…]

Soccer Camps With A Christian Following







Soccer camps are a great way for kids to get better skills and find new finds.

These Christian Based Soccer Camps are popping up all over the US.

Sports Quest is a non-for-profit 501c3 organization with many years of experience.

Another great camp is Christian Athletic Camp, all types of activities at this program.

Found some camps in California, Texas and Michigan, check your local area and let us know.
Any videos about a certain topic, use the search bar in the upper right corner. [Read more…]

Team Building Activities And Relay Games Ideas







Coaches need to break it up every so often with drills and other exercises, try relay games.

Also bring in the team on a rainy day and try a team building idea like this one on this site.

Bringing kids together and showing them can work together is great for taking it to the field.

Using other games to get team interaction is huge in keeping the season fun no matter if Win/Lose. [Read more…]

How To Throw In A Soccer Ball Flip Style

throw in flip in soccer game









The throw in on a soccer game is important to work on every other day. The advantage you

can get by having an attacking style of throw in set plays can really help scoring in the offense.

Remember, get the ball in quickly to keep from defenders getting set up. Also head ball flicks are

scoring opportunities in front of the goal mouth. The flip throw in can be a deadly scoring machine.

It’s like having a corner kick on every throw in. [Read more…]

Heading The Soccer Ball Drills

heading the soccer ball to score







Using the head to score, pass, or defend the goal is very important to a well-rounded player.

Make sure you learn how to hit the ball with your forehead is so critical in proper technique.

Also learning how to skip pass off the top of your head, can put defenders out of position,

if done right. In heading the ball on goal to score, learn to aim the ball down. Most the time ,

head balls go over the goal because of improper aim.

Heading the soccer ball is a skill that needs to be worked on every other practice. [Read more…]

Conestoga PA Soccer Champ 2011 Undefeated Season

conestoga state  soccer champ in PA







Undefeated 2011 season and a Pennsylvania Class AAA state champion, Conestoga had a great year.
T Donnie’s goal in the second half, which was orchestrated by A. Connors and N. Laganelli, was all
Conestoga needed to defeat Upper St. Clair 1-0 and secure the state title, putting the icing on an
undefeated season. The last time a class AAA school went undefeated in PA, was Upper St. Clair.
Conestoga had huge wins over Central Dauphin, Lower Merion, Strath Haven and Council Rock North.
Congrad’s Conestoga, many ranked you in the top 7 in the country. Good Luck 2012. [Read more…]

Messi Tops Spain Best Goal Scorers

Lionel Messi






Lionel Messi scored 3 goals verse Malaga on Jan. 22, 2012 and becomes Spain’s
top scorer. Messi just made the Malaga defense look like they were standing still.
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Tim Howard Scores For Everton

goalie tim howard scores goal







Tim Howard scores a long 100 yard goal, what a long distance strike.

Some Free Books On Soccer, Some From $9 to $47, Great Choices. [Read more…]