Spain Crushes Ireland 4-0 In Euro Cup Play







Spain just took Ireland to the wood shed. Two goals from Fernando Torres, then one from David

Silva and one from Cesc Fabregas, left Ireland what truck just ran them over. The champions

Spanish Football Team were too much in this first round action.
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Goal Fest At The Argentina vs Brazil Game






June 9th, 2012, was to be a friendly match between Brazil and Argentina. Lionel Messi did not act

like this was a “friendly match” knocking in a hat trick against Brazil. The game looked like the

defensive marking was lacking badly. Brazil had the lead in the 72nd minute, but just 3 minutes later

Federico Fernandez scored a nice head ball goal to tie the match at 3-3. Then Messi takes over,

in the 84th minute mark, a run from the touchline to the top of the box, 22 yards away, Messi

then unleashed a bullet, putting away Brazil for good. High scoring, goal action, fun offensive game.

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Bayern Munich Vs. Chelsea May 19th 2012 For The Champions League Trophy







Chelsea FC vs. Bayern Munich FC for the Champions League Trophy, match on May 19th 2012.

Who will be the hero? Answer, Chelsea wins on penalty kicks and takes the Champions League.

Close 1 to 1 match, until 5 penalty kicks crowns the winner, Chelsea FC takes the silver cup home.

Even the goalie for Bayern Munich Neuer takes one of the penalty kicks himself and makes it.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Scores Goal With A BackHeel Strike

Ronaldo Back Heel Goal








Back heel goal for Ronaldo wasn’t his best from what he said to reporters after the match today.

The back heel goal on Feb 26th match against rival Rayo Vallecano, gave Real Madrid a 1-0 victory.

Real Madrid still leads Barcelona in the La Liga league standings with a 13 pt. lead.

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Messi Tops Spain Best Goal Scorers

Lionel Messi






Lionel Messi scored 3 goals verse Malaga on Jan. 22, 2012 and becomes Spain’s
top scorer. Messi just made the Malaga defense look like they were standing still.
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