Real Soccer Drills For Kids / Players Any Ages







Soccer drills working on first touch to control to the second touch is very important in youth

soccer practices. The controlling touch should always be close enough to keep possession and

move the ball to a team mate. The team with the possession of the ball the longest usually wins

the match. Here are some simple drills for real kids learning to control the ball, day by day.

Passing drills and trapping drills should be a part of every youth practice. The basics, win the match. [Read more…]

Soccer Drills Working On Your Own Skills, Motivation !








Motivation, to be better very day, to be a Champ one day, just to be the BEST !

It takes everyday focus, a willingness to get up and get to the field and work when

no else is even around. Whether it be just you or you and a team-mate, get up, and

do the work when no else is even watching. That way when it comes game time, you’ve

got something just a little more than the competition. That’s winning soccer / football.
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Trapping The Soccer Ball And Receiving the Soccer Ball Under Control

soccer ball control trapping







Trapping the soccer ball and keeping it under control is one of the biggest techniques a young

soccer player can work on everyday. Ball possession is so critical to successful soccer teams.

Knowing all the different parts of the body to use to trap the ball and keep it under your control

is job one in winning soccer play. Watch these trapping videos for great techniques to use. [Read more…]

Soccer Practice Drills And Practicing Soccer

Soccer practice drills help everyday play and get you sharper in your techniques. Slow down and do it right first, then speed up your pace every attempt at your drilling in soccer.
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