Teaching U11,U12,U13,U14,U15 How To Be A Patient Offensive Striker

chicago fire vs sporting kc






Teaching U11,U12,U13,U14,U15 how to be a patient offensive striker, this is the old saying

from years of coaches, “take what the defense gives you!” Sometimes easier said than done,

but is so true if you just slow down a half of a second and pick your head up in the attacking third.

From Mike McGee of the Fire to Kenny Miller of the Whitecaps to Graham Zusi of Sporting KC,

watch how they slow down the ball, pick the head head up and make the play look easy. It takes time

to master, but the time is there, don’t hurry your shot, you’ve got more time than you think. Cutting

the ball back to your other foot puts the defenders on their heels for that split second. Practice your cut

backs everyday and you will master the art of getting that one more second you need to place your

strike. Watch how practicing and teaching U11,U12,U13,U14,U15 how to be a patient offensive striker in MLS action below. [Read more…]

Passing Drills For U8, U9, U10, U12 And AYSO Soccer Kids







Passing drills for young soccer players both in AYSO programs and leagues

with U8 to U12 kids. Teach the players to talk and communicate between players.

Talking between players is so important for younger kids, because the keep their heads

down so much watching the ball, voices commands are so critical in teaching soccer. Here’s

a couple passing drills you can add in talking between players.  A fun tip to challenge the

players in the circle drill, try adding a second ball to the drill, makes them really concentrate. [Read more…]

4 Soccer Drills To Get U8, U9, U10, U11, U12 And U14 Better Faster







Four ways to get your U8 to U14 better, faster with the game of soccer.

1. Juggle as much as you can with both feet, legs, and head. Feel the touch of the ball.

2. Use cones to dribble through to work on touches back and forth. Place them 3 feet

apart for the first round, then place them 2 feet apart on second round, then try 1 foot apart.

3. Shield the ball dribbling, go around 4 box cones placed 15 feet apart, and dribble acting

as if the cone was a defender. Keep your body between the ball and the cone and change pace.

4. Small touch dribbling and feints are so important. Work on these triangle pull back moves

and making feint moves to work on keeping defenders guessing where you are going.

Do these every practice for 3 to 7 minutes each and with in 2 to 8 years, see faster/better soccer. [Read more…]

U9,U10,U11,U12,U13,U14,U15,U16,U17,U18,U19 Summer Tournaments In Soccer

Summer Soccer Tournaments







Great summer fun, get into a tournament. Lot’s of games, quick and over fast.

In Illinois and Wisconsin area there is a Watermelon Tournament in Rockford Illinois.

There are tournaments all over the US for U10,U11,U12,U13,U14,U15,U16,U17,U18,U19 ages. [Read more…]

Junior Soccer League And Kids Soccer in America

jr soccer leagues







All ages can play this game of soccer. In the junior soccer leagues across America you will
see all sizes of players.
Many local organizations have been built teams locally, and each junior soccer league has
it’s own size of teams.
The Soccer Info has seen jr. soccer programs with 4V4 teams up to 8v8 teams. Sometimes you
will see 11v11 on the older player leagues. The more your player can touch the ball the better
for improvement. Good videos below showing the simple skills to use in a game like look up and
pass to your team mates and having fun in the game. [Read more…]

US Youth Soccer And The Youth Soccer Association

us youth soccer







Watch the video on US Youth Soccer top 10 soccer goals for 2011 Boys and Girls Soccer.
Also check out the top 10 goalie saves of the year in youth soccer, video is down below.
U10,U12,U14,U16, and U18 leagues are all represented here in the goals and saves categories.
Look at the glory in these kids faces scoring a goal and you’ll always remember why we play the game.
Some Free Books On Soccer, Some From $9 to $47, Great Choices. [Read more…]

Indoor Soccer U10 To U12 Boys And Girls

indoor soccer u10









Indoor soccer drills for boys and girls U10 to U12 should be fun along with competitive.

Push the speed of the skill so the speed of the game will progress every year.

Just like you have grades in school for your work, you should break each skill into a grade.

Indoor soccer allows you to work on skills to make outdoor soccer that much better. [Read more…]

How To Be A Soccer Coach U10 and U12

u10 and u12 soccer drills







Coaching U10 and U12 players is alot of fun watching them progress every year.

Many drills are designed to keep them moving with as much touching of the ball as possible.

Try to keep the drills to one to three skill sets that you are trying to improve per drill.

Small team sides of 3V3 or 4V4 are great ways to get as many touches of ball in game situations.
Some Free Books On Soccer, Some From $9 to $47, Great Choices. [Read more…]

The Soccer Info Talks About Soccer Goalie Drills And U12 Soccer Drills

U12 soccer drills involving good goalie techniques are so important at this age.

This video on youtube was very helpful.

Soccer Deals [Read more…]