Help Me Learn Soccer Better With Simple Soccer Drills









Helping young players to have fun with soccer is rule number one.

Have some simple soccer drills for the kids to play and practice at the same time.

One game we would play is Stop Light. Just have the kids dribble around in a 20 yard x 20 yard box.

Say green light and the kids would go as fast as they could inside the boxed area, then yell yellow light

and the kids would slow down to half speed. When you say red light, they’d stop the ball from rolling.

We would take half the group of kids standing with their legs apart and the other half of kids would

dribble around kicking the ball through the others legs. We called this London Bridges. One more

game/ soccer drill we would play is dribbling around that 20 x 20 grid and stopping the ball with

different body parts every 10 seconds. The coaches would yell out, knee, left foot, head,

back, right foot or just get as creative as you want. Mixing regular kid games into

soccer drills makes it fun, and do them 3 to 4 sessions in a row. You will see improvement

because the kids remember the game better each time. Look for the tags below for other videos. [Read more…]

U6, U7, And U8 Soccer Drills

Help U6, U7, and U8 young players to have fun with practice drills is so important at this age.
Soccer drills can be fun games made up by the coach. Like a tag game or a keep away type kid games.
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