Indoor Soccer U7,U8,U9,U10 Drills On Passing

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Teaching different passing techniques are easier indoors than in the outdoor game.

There are so many little touch techniques you can show the kids to give them any

way to move the ball indoors to their team mate. Using all parts for the foot, the sooner

younger soccer players get the hang of just moving the ball from one spot to

another, it won’t matter how it got there if it ends in a goal, huh ?

See this video for a bottom of the foot technique that is great for u10 indoor soccer.

Some Free Books On Soccer, And Some From $9 to $47, Great Choices.

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Free Soccer Drills For Kids

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Soccer drills for kids should be fun and quick to learn. Simple is best.

Avoid long lines, keep the kids moving, as much touching of the ball as possible.

Watch your grouping with weaker skilled players with stronger players, move them

around to challenge them all. Work on technique and then reputation.

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English Premier League Football And It’s Awesome Goals

english football soccer   English Football, here in the states we call it soccer.

Check out these teams as they move in and out every year of this top league in England. Check out their site here.

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All Things About Soccer

fun soccer

The Soccer Info hopes to encourage others to have fun learning this great game of soccer or as most the world calls it football. This site will touch on so many aspects of soccer from youth to pro’s. Whether you play the game in AYSO or any other youth programs, hopefully you’ll get some great knowledge about soccer / football through this site. Many video’s and set models will be on this site for your enjoyment and research about this game of soccer / football. The more we add to it the better. Please make any suggestions and soon we will have many stories to hare with others. The Champions page will be one of the funniest pages to see grow. So tell us what you know about soccer / football, and we’ll share it with others across the world. Let’s have some fun and PLAY BALL.

Best Soccer Goals of All Time Video

Most exciting time for soccer fans is to see those extraordinary goals that blow our minds.

It is what makes us all watch so closely and gets us so excited to see the crowd explode when

one of those magical goals is made.  Here is some video’s of a few of the best.

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