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Thanks Landon Donovan for being a class act, after over 15 years of playing under the US mens team

and many other professional clubs across the world, our very own California kid has given his best

for team USA.  Even though a “coach” (?) does not think you gave us your all, many of us know you

did, and we have a big appreciation for what you’ve done for US Soccer and the MLS. Being a class

act and sharing with many of the youth here in the US has really shown your heart for taking the

high road when you out shine other smaller petty thinking ego’s. Too bad the current coach of

US soccer can’t remember all the hours of hard work you put in building something he gets the

benefit from, and all those kids who now are playing a higher level of football here in the states

because you gave so much to us. Thank You Landon, we here at TheSoccerInfo want you to know,

we think the world of you and thank you for all those years, knowing you will be involved helping

others here in America to better their game because of YOU….

We will be watching you close out your MLS career with another Cup victory, just saying……

Here are some great links to Landon Donovan info

A couple great YouTube highlights, Thanks Landon Donovan For Being A Class Act…. The US Fans Love You

To A Great Future Ahead