Real Salt Lake vs Portland






Three best shooting drills for U10 to U16 knowing all positional field players will be called upon in

sometime in a game to shoot on goal, hoping to at least keep the ball on frame(goal). The key tips

are below and links to the drills. Number one, keep your knee over the ball as you strike the shot, this

will help in shooting the ball over the goal. Number two, don’t over power the ball, the idea is to hit it

clean and straight, too much power means over the bar. Number three, try not the lean back, keep your

body straight or slightly over the ball will keep it down for the most part. Remember many times a shot

is many times just a hard pass if you can picture that in your mind as you are preparing for the shot.

Also, angles are more important than power and speed of the ball, power comes later as you get better

technique. Final tip, a ball on goal(target) has a chance to score, it’s better to hit the ball slightly softer

to insure a chance to score. MLS Cup is coming soon, watch for some great shooting to win a championship, that will be you one day.