US Women Win Tournament of Nations 2018

The curtain of the tournament of Nations was brought down at Bridgeview Illinois where the USA women national team beat Brazil with three-second half goals. The 2018 Tournament of Nations, an international women’s football tournament (and the 2nd edition), was played by four national team’s including Australia (the defending champions), Japan, Brazil, and the hosts, USA.   Highlight Video Click Here

This tournament is played during a non World Cup and non-Olympic year and is played by four teams based on invitation and in a round-robin format. The four soccer teams are placed in a single group and the topper of the group becomes the champion. It was held from July 26 to August 2 across three different cities in America.

Brazil started the tournament on a sore note as the Australian team at the Children’s Mercy Park, Kansas City, Kansas, outran them. Brazil lost the game 3-1 with two goals in the first half from the Australian side enough to put the game to rest. A 2-1 victory against Japan on July 29 saw them regain a bit of their momentum.

Australian after their stellar performance in their opening game against the Brazil was held to a stalemate by the USA. A late dramatic goal from Horan saw the USA team cancel out Logarzo goal scored in the first half.

The USA kicked off the tournament by thrashing Japan in a six-goal thriller. A 1-1 draw against Australia saw them battle for the top position of the table with the Australian side.

Australia beat Japan 2-0 in their final game, prompting the necessity that the USA women soccer team must beat Brazil by two goals margin to secure the title. On Thursday evening, three goals scored each by Julie Ertz, Tobin Heath and Alex Morgan in the final half of the game saw the USA put Brazil to the sword to win the title.

In the first, half of the game USA were in total control of the game and could have scored more. Albeit there fantastic performance, they settled for a stalemate with one goal apiece. A Tierna Davidson own goal in the 16th minute saw the Brazilian side in front t but a Rose Lavelle 33rd goal saw the Americans level up.

Brazil made sparse attempts at the goalmouth of USA but none of them was enough to extinguish the enthusiastic play by the USA team. A goal from Ertz in the 53rd minute of the game put the host in front. A fine curler from Heath in the 62nd minute saw the US team increase their lead further. Morgan, scoring her 90 international goals in the 77th minute saw that the USA soccer team wrapped their hands around the trophy.

The USA finished the tournament winners securing the top spot, Australia runners-up, Brazil and Japan taking up the 3rd and 4th spot respectively.

US Women Win Tournament of Nations 2018, will they win it again 2019?