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World Cup 2014 In Brazil And Predictions For This Great Football Event.

The 2014 World Cup has started off with a bang. Many great match ups already and more to come.

Here are some websites predicting the winners using knowledge from past players, coaches, football announcers and even animals to predict the winners of 2014. Also some sites for goal highlights.


Bleacher Report

Telegraph CO UK

Even CBS News has sea turtles picking the winners

Different ways to watch the games online vary across the internet but ESPN’s web site has good

coverage, lower right half way down the home page, you will see a link for the up coming matches live

Interesting stories about players n teams through FIFA and Yahoo good angles  and

The USA team has a good web site about it’s players here, see where our players come from in the US

Goal highlights try    and

We hope that TheSoccerInfo was been some help in World Cup 2014 in Brazil and predictions through websites plus highlights, Goooooal…